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A True Story About One Man's Daring Escape from the Armenian Genocide...

On The Monster's Back: Heroism, Love, and Survival - One man's daring escape from the Armenian Genocide of the Great War.
In 1908, a twelve-year-old Armenian boy and his mother find themselves the only members of their family left in Turkey after the others are smuggled away to America. The two are in the city of Smyrna and watch horrified as events build toward hundreds of thousands of their fellow Armenians being caught up in the genocidal events unfolding.

By 1915, the Turkish government has ordered the elimination or deportation of all Armenians. From a nightmare dream, Souren, now nineteen, realizes... read more
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This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. At the beginning of the book you are aware that this is a true story, set at the time of WW1. It is distressing but it is also sad and exciting. Souren Barkev Tashjian one of six children and very much the youngest is a teenager when conditions for Armenians, living in what is now Turkey, become even more dangerous than hitherto. He has a good education and when his father, a Protestant pastor dies he is quickly aware that he must take care of his mother, given that his five older siblings are now safely in America. Nothing would please his mother and him more than they could arrange a passage there for themselves. Beautifully written by the protagonist together with Robert D Lamson, a descendant, who turns the story into book form it is so powerful it reads like a novel.
Suzi Stembridgel

2015 - 100th Anniversary: The Armenian Genocide of World War I

Historical Accounts Repository Partners (HARP) is a nonprofit educational foundation in Seattle, Washington dedicated to finding and publishing historical documents that previously have been unavailable to the public. Armenian history, particularly the Armenian Genocide launched by the government of Turkey during World War I, is the current priority during this 100th anniversary year.

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A true saga of an amazing escape. 
     On The Monster's Back is based on the true account of a 19-year-old Armenian boy who, through his street-smarts, persistence, courage and the crafty use of his piccolo, outwitted the Turkish government and military establishment to miraculously escape the Armenian cleansing death campaign during World War I. We have undertaken the authenticating research, confirming all individuals, places and events from this handwritten account by Souren Barkev Tashjian. The results, currently published in the book of the above title, are a novel-like read but frighteningly true.  The terrible actions of ISIL (ISIS) in Syria and Iraq today are simply re-enactments of Turkey's genocidal policy against its Armenian citizens 100 years ago.
     Along with publication of this historical book, a feature motion picture is intended. To help fund this important endeavor we are seeking contributions for both the book and film projects. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational foundation, all donations to HARP are tax deductible. If you are willing to contribute please notify us by email at the address above.
"The Three Pashas": Ruthless World Wat I Turkey Government Leaders
Designers of the Armenian Genocide
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